Michelle Lind  Hansen

I have always been dedicated to art. My works appear abstract, and I work in a dynamic process with colorful compositions. I am inspired by how the abstract idiom uses surfaces, points, lines and colours to build a fundamental basis, depth and understanding.

The abstract expression allows you to reflect and seek your own interpretation of the art. 

I´m a member of Active Arts, which regularly organize workshops and courses. In addition, I participate in their exhibitions. For more information about Active Arts refer to their website www.aktivkunst.dk

  • Art Nordic 2020
  • Frederiksberg Forsyning 2019
  • Bane Danmark 2019


Abstract works

I work with acrylic and oil paints on cotton canvas. In addition, I apply a coat of Golden Varnish Spray as the final layer. This is a transparent, UV protective and dirt-repellent Varnish.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the works, please contact me by e-mail, phone or the social media.